I cant believe it is three years since I posted to this blog! But here we are …

I set some goals for this week that I would write something on my three personal blogs and the one I look after for my mother.  As I am now an expat living in Malaysia (must update about me as well) and am on the kind of dependent pass visa that stops me from working, I have a lot more time to catch up on craft. I have also just come back from a three week trip to Europe that included the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and H+H Cologne which is a huge trade show,so have lots of bits and pieces to write about.

And then this morning the most obvious post presented itself. I am at a fiddly stage of two almost finished projects and so I grabbed a mindless knit for our Malaysian Sit and Knit yesterday which I came back to this afternoon so I could read at the same time.  There was a lovely cool breeze coming through the balcony doors and as I finished my first row of the jersey I am knitting for my 19 year old in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, I checked the temperature – it was 34 degrees (Celsius) It had cooled down by the time I took the photo but it highlights the joys of knitting in Malaysia…

Knitting, kindle and phone


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