I am going to do things a bit backward over the next few days. I decided late last year to move my websites to a different provider and that has held me off posting to much while that got sorted. And now I am back to posting my mental model of where I wanted to start has moved on, which is stalling me on finishing the half finished posts about my trips and other things happening in the knitting world.

Chinese New Year decorative arch

Gong xǐ fā cái – it’s Chinese New Year and I’ve found myself deep in the planning mental space for a new year. I said at calendar New Year I usually focus on finishing for the first few weeks and its interesting that I completed all my priorities by Chinese New Year and now feel ready to start fresh. I even need to consider a new picture for my site header as all but one is finished (and it may be frogged).

I have been thinking about disposable fashion and being more mindful of the clothes I buy along with sewing more of my fabric stash, which leads on to my knitting planning for the year. Most years I create a tagged queue of what I would like to get done but, having taken a hard look at my over optimism in previous years, this year I am being a bit more mindful in that area too.

Pink tussah tweed yarn

What I have discovered is that just sitting with the planning stage this year some ideas have surfaced as priorities for cast on that didn’t feature when I was first thinking about this early in January. My main goals for the year so far include:

  • knitting something I can wear here – at the moment I’m thinking Mary Annerella’s Heart of Glass in some lovely mid pink Tussah Silk I got at Stephen and Penelope’s last year. This idea has moved from way down the bottom of the list to the top.
  • Finishing the Skyline Tunic I started in Outlaw Nyx with a tentative plan of wearing it for VKL but that being past, more realistically I’d like it done by the time I head back to New Zealand in July.
  • I have three to four pairs of socks I’d like to get finished (I’m doing a bit of a self -imposed sock club). I’m kind of feeling that socks help keep me on track with my other knitting.
  • I’m feeling slightly obsessed with trying to get jerseys done for my eldest two granddaughters. I can use the one I’m planning for Anna who is about to hit a Wellington winter as an excuse to test out some new needles.
  • And I wound up the yarn for Lennix for Elliott – I’m doing the size 4 so if it doesn’t get finished this year it wont be an issue, but I fell in love with the yarn combo when I planned it at the end of last year and it has the kind of straight stocking stitch that is doable at knitting groups and while reading.

If I do all these I’d be really happy at the end of the year – I have some baby things and sample knitting of Mum’s older patterns in the mix, and another circular shawl that I started two years ago and isn’t even in my project pages yet.

I think stepping back and considering the gaps and future projects is really helpful when you are being tempted by yarn even though your stash is heading out of control. I have several things in my queue that I haven’t got the right yarn for – I decided last year I’d like to knit vests for my two older sons and chose the patterns. I was very targeted about buying yarn for those projects at both KAN and VKL. They will be my next cast ons after the list above. Probably 80% of my stash has a specific project attached even if it takes me several years to get to them.

And some sewing as well

I’m also keen to get back into planned sewing – both garment and quilting. My first task before I start that is to tidy my office/ sewing room, its not horrific but it became a bit of a dumping ground over the Christmas break and it would be good to get back on top of it. Initially I’d hoped to make a new red dress for the (Chinese) new year but as that didn’t happen I am going to focus on replacing a pair of sloppy linen trousers which are seriously comfortable in this heat but are actually wearing right through so need to be confined to home wear.

I got a Seamwork subscription before Christmas and along with the Le Maison Victor magazines I started collecting last year I can see lots of options to replace them and make a couple more pairs of comfortable pants. I’d also like to make myself some swimming togs out of deep stash fabric and a couple of floaty dresses from cotton voile I have had in deep stash (anyone remember Evans in Lower Hutt? that far back).

Now that I’m back into everyday mode for the time being (no travel or visitors for a while) I am hoping to follow up on a suggestion I made to a friend on Instagram early in the new year about doing a bit of a #sewalong. One of the things that has got me feeling very motivated about getting back into it was the wonderful discussions about fit in sessions I went to at VKL which I am planning a dedicated post for.

So how thoughtful have you been about your craft plans for the year – do you set yourself goals, or cast on/ dive into a project as the mood strikes you?

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