Anyone who knows me at all can tell you that I never do things by halves and I try to do far to many things at once.

To start the year I decided to “focus on finishing” a quantity of projects including three shawls, a pair of socks and some colour work mittens. Unfortunately when I focus on finishing projects I always seem to dream up new projects in my head. Plus I find an excuse to start a new project or two as well. So the out come of finishing eyjafjallajokull was that I promptly cast on a shawl for a friend’s birthday and while knitting it dreamed up the plan for a new pattern for a baby gift x two (twins)

The baby pattern was inspired by a vintage pattern and started life as this very clear picture released to twitter.

The beginning of a design Not totally surprisingly this caused some comment and to be honest in the true spirit if agile development, it did go through a couple of iterations before it became this:

Darling boy

There was a bit of a stall as my sleeve plan was a bit of a fail – and while I was knitting the boy version I was inspired to have a more feminine version as well – which I started on the plane home from Christchurch on Sunday …

Darling girlAnd because some weeks are kind of lazy weeks – it stuck there as I have been driving rather than catching the train and when I knit at night I have been virtuously working on one of my focus on finishing projects which I had really wanted done by Sunday as it is another present. There are about 20 rows of the border to go so I think I am being overly optimistic.

Lichen Mists shawl

And of course as I knit I start thinking…



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