Once I decided to create something new for this project I went looking for inspiration. I wanted to use some double knit baby wool from my stash and I started with a pattern I knitted to keep me occupied the day before Toby was born. I decided I’d use the stitch count as a starting point and find a simple lace pattern. That took me to an old pattern book of Mum’s which was always a bit vintage in the eighties.

I decided to use the lace pattern along the bottom of this layette, being an older English pattern it was written so I created a mini chart for the repeat.

The next step was to calculate the number of stitches per repeat, and an allowance for the garter stitch bands on the front in ratio to the amount of stitches the back needed for double knitting. The plan also required that I have as few seams as possible.

So after a bit of maths I cast on 104 stitches and did 4 rows garter stitch. Then 3 pattern repeats (6 rows each) keeping the four edge stitches at each end knit.

It was looking pretty good…

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