So here it is – the very close to finished product…

Sweet Baby Esther

It just needs blocking, buttons and the final ends trim. It wasn’t a total smooth sail – I had to rip back the back and part of one of the sides at one point when I realised I’d miscounted the stitches for the split and I also ended up with two slightly different sleeves as the second one worked better than the the first so I ripped part of the first one back to match. I also think on retrospect I’d alter the neck to make it a little wider and more scooped.

All in all though I am pretty pleased with it – Tash has suggested I do it again in 4 ply as the lace would be more open. While I agree and probably will, I was aiming for a quick couple of evenings knit for a baby gift and DK wins hands down for that. On the other hand some of the seam areas were i picked up for the sleeves and neck are thicker than I would like due to the weight of the fabric.

All up this took just under 200m and is slightly bigger than a traditional 3 month old size .

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