On Thursday evening as I was driving out to knitting group when I noticed that the kowhai at the bottom of the drive was flowering. As many of you know my mother’s lace designs include a kowhai motif  and for a long time now I have wanted to re-use it in a smaller project. The difficulty with lace designed for very fine yarn is maintaining the definition in a heavier yarn but this one has a simple enough combination of shapes it is worth a try.

The kowhai at the bottom of the drive is always an early bloomer – the much older one in the back yard is usually one of the latest so this year I am determined to have at least one sock finished before the back one drops all it’s flowers. On Sunday I collected some Knitsch Sock in Goldrush and tonight I cast on.

One of the tricky aspects of the kowhai design is the direction of the lace means it needs to be a toe up design. As I haven’t actually finished a toe-up sock before this could be a challenge. At least I’ve got off to a good start having found a great video of Judy’s Magic Cast On  on You Tube. I haven’t been quite decisive enough about how I’ve managed the increases but I’ll work on that for the second sock.

In the meantime I’ve added yet another project to the list!

Kowhai sock toe

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