I need to knit another baby present (well I don’t need to but I want to). It’s for a brand new little girl who has arrived a little larger than most. I have some pretty pastel pink in stash and it is the chill of mid winter. The husband sweater is patiently awaiting a zip, ┬áthe sleeves on my February Lady are driving my slightly insane due to the contortions of twisting the entire body around EVERY ROW(!) and my sister’s birthday socks are growing nicely on my train journey. We’ll skip over lightly on the subject of the other projects scattered around based on this evidence of dedicated knitting.

I’ve browsed ravelry for a pattern and I’m just not feeling the love and the thought came to me that I could just make up my own … I have lots of old favorites from when my children were small to base a bottom up stitch count on and I’ve been flirting with resizing a couple of Mum’s ┬ábaby wear lace patterns to a heavier yarn weight for a while. So that’s it – the fatal flaw – otherwise known as biting off more than I can chew when I already have too much to do (including tidying up the template for this blog)

But there is this baby who really needs something cosy and pretty…

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