I’m feeling smug with my degree of productivity this week, particularly over the weekend. Jon now has new PJ’s  although it took a little longer than planned as I re-acquainted myself with my sewing machine and overlocker (I even had to read the instructions at one point!)


The socks of rage are finished!!! They were turning into such a roadblock for other projects – every time I worked on something else the half finished second sock would be there taunting me… I took it along with me to the knitting lounge at Handmade last week and lo and behold the power of Morag (aka Vintage Purls)  channeling my mother with her comments on my reading knitting dyslexia helped me break through the mental roadblock and get back on track.

I have finished the back of the husband sweater and am up to the armhole on the first front. As my slightly ageing eyes have difficulty with accurate row counting under artificial light, I put it down at that point last night and picked up February Lady to work on during the New Zealand v Ireland rugby test last night and did a good 4 cms on the body of that as well.  Plus I finished my second Windschief hat which unfortunately I cast on just tightly enough that it doesn’t quite fit the revised intended recipient (my husband heading down to Christchurch and snow).

It’s amazing how a single stuck project can get in the way of my energy for other projects. I’m looking forward to a more productive week now the sock is done.


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