The winter weather can be great justification for huddling on the couch with the heater on  – especially if you can be productive with some knitting. After finishing the socks of rage – I spent some dedicated knitting time on the husband sweater and am now onto the sleeve (i.e both fronts and the back are finished) I’ve also progressed my February Lady – much as I can see the merit of top down and no seams the rows of the whole body are a bit of a mission! It grows very slowly.

I have been using train time for a new sock which I will post about when I have a photo – but most significantly… now the socks of rage are finished I have moved onto the next stalled project …my Eyjafjallajokull  shawl.

The original Eyjafjallajokull design  was created around the time the volcano was causing major disruption to air travel. As soon as I saw the first version I knew I wanted to make it, despite my previous commitment to not knit major lace projects. One of the strengths of belonging to knitting social groups is that they tend to act as encouragers for trying things you wouldn’t normally attempt. So January last year I cast on …it is a project I have picked up and put down frequently but by early this year I was up to the final chart – at over 500 stitches a row it takes over 30 minutes for each one. So last week I started alternating working on Eyjafjallajokull with the husband sweater. I have about 20 rows left to do so this is becoming a major challenge of perseverance. And then I will have to block it!

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