I may be gaining a bit of a reputation about having a bit of a rant from time to time about the politics of the knitting/craft renaissance. Genny indulged me by publishing an article in Entangled a couple of issues ago  where I discussed the differences between knitting now and the knitting of earlier generations from a feminist perspective. In that article I suggested thinking about how we could use the more subversive side of knitting to challenge the domestic image.

Then @msgusset posted this great link to a blog post about Ravelry and the rise of the independent designer who can determine how their patterns are presented. The post is about how seeing women of all different shapes and sizes wearing a garment and how empowering that is. The writer talks about the potential challenge this poses to the fashion industry. It is well worth a read. While I love the ability to check how patterns look in a yarn I’m thinking of or in a larger size I hadn’t quite though of it from this perspective.

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