After a traumatic weekend grappling with technology I have to confess to a minimal knitting week. Apart from re-doing the work I lost I have been blobbing out with books and TV.

As one of the only shiny aspects of my technology nightmare was inadvertently restoring my Australian iTunes account when I used a back up to get my laptop working – I have been musing a bit this week on the sheer bloody mindedness of geographical rights.Several times this week I have watched switched on geeky people work their way around geographical rights – all of them who would be happy to pay for the media they were seeking. In circumventing the rights they have breached copyright in a number of ways (mainly by getting someone else to buy it on their behalf and then send them a copy). The temptation to simply access a pirate copy is incredible on some things. Logically if I can walk into a bookstore and buy a book, or a DVD of a TV series then why can’t I buy the book or series digitally via iTunes or Amazon? It is totally ridiculous that the iTunes Australia edition allows me to buy recent release iBooks and the New Zealand one doesn’t. I can live without the most recent episodes but come on – series that have been out on DVD for five years or more?

In the meantime, Ravelry has created a system where tens of thousands of patterns are available for buying and downloading in multiple languages and currencies with no issues at all!

[And for those of you who are wondering how this applies to knitting – I don’t tend ┬áto watch live TV – I watch series on my laptop while knitting]

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