One of the things I discovered I was required to learn once I was knitting on a regular basis again, was the importance of blocking. So not  only do I find myself constantly being tempted into projects that I need to finish Рbut I when I cast off they are not actually finished!

To be finished most projects require blocking. I used to think blocking was reserved for my mother’s very fine lace shawls but no, apparently almost anything knitted will benefit from blocking. At least I had some idea about how to go about the task (ref: having to avoid the cast expanse of sheet covered floor those fine lace shawls used to take up) but knowledge does not equal discipline.

Today – feeling slightly penitent from not having got up to go the ANZAC dawn parade, I decided to block the projects I had been feeling guilty about for sometime. They were, respectively, my Hitchhiker shawl done in the test of Almost Iris – one of the first colourways I created dyeing and completed in Brisbane in October, a small baby blanket that was finished last November – not quite before the baby was born but close enough, and a beret I had finished a couple of months ago.

The beret was the biggest worry as it was suggested you could block it over a dinner plate but when it was stretchy and wet as blocked items are wont to be there was no way I had a dinner plate big enough to block it – nor would I have wanted it blocked out to those dimensions. I also have a nasty feeling there is a dropped stitch in one of the knit 2 togethers about three rows in from the tie off.

Anyway they are now all blocking…

Does this happen to you? Do you get a little pile of finished projects awaiting the final treatment? Or do you virtuously block as soon as possible? When do you think a project is finished? When you cast off or when it is blocked?

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