When I contemplated creating this blog I started with drafting a list of possible topics that I could write about without having to think too hard. Close to first were the socks of rage.  It was picking up this sock (and putting it down again) that gave me the impetus today to actually  take the punt and create the blog rather than grapple with whatever I need to do to fix them. Figure out how to install WordPress v frog back a couple of rows – no contest!

These socks are becoming my nemesis. I am so over them even though I know they will be fabulous when they are finished. The yarn is gorgeous – it is Hazelknits Artisan Sock in Strawberry Lemonade that Tash got me last May. The pattern Summer Lovin Socks is made in a similar colour way and was an early addition to my queue once I had the yarn. This not a lack of love for the yarn or a pattern that does quite work with it kind of problem.

I cast on late last year as a treat after a pair of vanilla socks for my youngest son’s rapidly lengthening feet. I got off to a reasonably good start on the pattern repeat before deciding to walk the path of virtue and complete a couple of UFO’s. When I came back to it, I just couldn’t get the pattern to flow. I kept making basic mistakes to the degree I took it off the needles and frogged it back about six rows so I could get the pattern re-established properly . This is something – like swatching – I almost never do. I can live with my mistakes.

After almost as much time tinking back and re-knitting  as actually knitting – the first sock was finally done. I took a wee break before I started the second one to recover and it started out pretty well. “Aha” I thought “I have got the flow of this pattern down”  – it wouldn’t be long until I have two pretty socks… And then it happened again – somehow I lost my place in the last half of the last repeat of the leg. I did an extra half row of a knitted round. So I tinked it back and do you think I can get the pattern right  again ? I’m already resolving to bite the bullet,  take it off the needles and rip it back to a point where I can restart from. Plus I’m almost at the heel and I don’t like how it is done but after the battle with the first one I just followed the instructions!

As my daughter rather smugly said (having no idea how close to death she was) it is not a very difficult lacy pattern. I have certainly done more complex ones. The yarn certainly works with it. I’m just not sure they are worth the pain at the moment. Have you had projects like that? Where for all the love in the world it just wont love you back?


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